Are Mental Disorders a Spiritual Attack?

Mental disorder is a mishap which happens to an individual as negative effect after a failed attempt to solve issues relating to the mind. It holds the individual in bondage and captivity and makes the soul sick and under places it under a terrible oppression. Mental disorders can in a way emanate as a spiritual affliction, it is an occurrence of damage and attack caused by a life that is spiritually declined and disconnected. This leads to a wreck in the individual’s life, emotions, ambitions and hope.

The systems of the world are constantly in war against the essence of spirituality, the way of life of people deviates and are not aligned with the purpose of spirituality which is to be connected with a higher or a supreme force or power. The beliefs and attitudes accustomed to being worldly are hampering the ability to attain a successful spiritual life. The moment an individual stops seeking comfort and solace in the strength of a higher power and realm, it leads to weakness and susceptibility to negative acts such as substance abuse in order to acquire the strength craved for which. In the long run, the mental health is adversely affected.

The behavior of a person with mental disorder is that which is negative and as such they receive condemnations quite easily but it is imperial to understand that such people are influenced by terrible forces or terrors. This takes a negative toll on their lives and lifestyle. There is a negative power at work in the minds of people suffering from mental disorder that makes them vulnerable and defenseless and as such they don’t have a will power to withstand or fight against all negative behavioral attitudes that exhumes from that state of weakness.

The grip of mental disorder can cause a change and an overturn in the brain’s orientation of the addict and becomes a difficult task to battle. The drive to attain a sense of relief and pleasure or to take away a measure of discomfort causes the individual to find succor in the use of harmful and dangerous substances such as drugs and alcohol which can affect the brain.

Furthermore, the cause of mental illness is in the immediate and direct necessity to obtain satisfaction and rest from a troubled mind but it all ends on a false note. Hence, once an individual falls into this deception instead of trying to seek help spiritually and try to attain a spiritual connection, they end up living a life of pain and misery.

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