Importance of faith in recovering from addiction

Faith is often associate with believing in the power of God to make something happen. In the Christian faith, believing in the power of God to make something happen is consequential to receiving a miracle. Recovering from an addiction should be regarded as a miracle because some people try rehabilitation, detoxification, and other stuff that […]

The importance of the church in helping the recovering addict

Recovering from addiction often comes with a lot of challenges that the church can help the addict displace or manage. Addiction is often related to the feeling of abandonment, need for secrecy, hopelessness, low self-esteem, and a bunch of other spiritual and emotional mind illnesses. The church is a place that can alleviate the hold […]

How the higher power helps you recover from addiction

Everyone believes in a higher power. People who don’t believe in God know that there is a higher power who dictates what happens in the universe. And one way or the other, people have sought various ways to communicate with their higher power for different purposes. In the addiction process, not everyone feels comfortable with […]

Why you need to draw closer to God in addiction recovery

Anyone who has been addicted before and recovered can agree to the fact that it can be very challenging. One minute and you are very tired of your addictive habit and you want to give up and the next minute you find yourself indulging in the addiction. Many people who are addicted have given up […]


Addiction is a difficult problem which controls the minds of people, and makes them feel as though they have been disjoined from people and the environment. There are spiritual remedies to addiction recover, and based on the fact that they feel disconnected from the efficacy of a higher power, they would rather not depend on […]


The definition of spirituality is usually difficult to define, as it has a distinct meaning, and form of experience for everybody. However, it is conventionally defined as the connection to a higher form of power or source which is possibly greater than all individuals. Some school of thoughts also have the definition of spirituality as […]

The Role of a Higher Power

A higher power refers to something greater than humans and can be seen as a connection and relation between human nature and living things. A higher power is believed to be a force to be reckoned with and the one that supersedes all influence. A belief or faith in a higher power can spur ones […]

Is Addiction a Spiritual Problem?

Addiction can be regarded as a symptom of spiritual malady. When an individual loses connection from the environment and relationship with people around, there would be a sense of isolation and separation experienced by the individual. Spirituality which is a belief in a power that controls the world and supersedes human nature. In spirituality, one […]

Connection Between Spirituality and Mental Health

Spirituality and its essence affects mental health in a number of ways. It plays a significant function in assisting people in sustaining a positive mental health treatment facilities and also help recover from mental health problems as the case may be. Although, Spirituality is a universally acknowledged concept, it is viewed by people differently and […]

Are Mental Disorders a Spiritual Attack?

Mental disorder is a mishap which happens to an individual as negative effect after a failed attempt to solve issues relating to the mind. It holds the individual in bondage and captivity and makes the soul sick and under places it under a terrible oppression. Mental disorders can in a way emanate as a spiritual […]