Addiction and Disorders as Spiritual Afflictions

Addictions and disorders are often times considered spiritual problems. They are regarded as indications of a spiritual problem. Spirituality refers to a belief in a higher power which is greater than one’s personality and an avenue to discover one’s purpose in life. Addictions refer to a sense of disconnection and separation and when one launches deeper into this disease of addiction, they become more separated from others. The outcome is that it gets to stage where the addicted person avoids getting treatment.

A loss in connection to a higher power can lead to loneliness and desolation and a prevalent cause of depression and despair and this in turn can lead to one engaging in addictive behaviors that are most times detrimental to the well-being of the individual. This separation causes people to undergo some level of suffering. Therefore, it is a fact to state that close relationship with people and a deep connection to a higher power enables one maintain a balanced well-being and an adequate feeling of being among and not secluded.

Addicts are people who are extremely unsettled and cannot maintain a consciousness or a cognizance of the reality of a higher power, hence they are unbalanced and disturbed and this makes their lives dejected. To worsen the situation they find succor in the use of substances to get that relief in the consciousness they seek. There is an intense pressure to suppress the feelings of hopelessness and meaningless by an addict and also seek in-depth peace and satisfaction but always find emptiness and desolation.

The concept of Spirituality does not only find effect in the heart but in the mind as well which the center of reasoning is. Therefore it is imperative to note that an engagement in addiction causes one to feed the mind with negative vices which in turn causes dangerous reactions detrimental to the person. Since the mind is the central hub of reasoning of the human and there are some actions an addict might want to abstain from but they don’t have control over their actions because they have lost power over their will and mind.

Furthermore, while addiction could be a form of slavery spiritually, it reveals the bondage and captivity experienced by the addict and they become open and willing to seek help in the efficacy of the divine. They can now seek such connection they initially long for.

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