Why you need to draw closer to God in addiction recovery

Anyone who has been addicted before and recovered can agree to the fact that it can be very challenging. One minute and you are very tired of your addictive habit and you want to give up and the next minute you find yourself indulging in the addiction.

Many people who are addicted have given up home of them being sober. They continue to indulge in their addiction hoping that they would permanently snap out of it.

For believers who are addicted, the only way they get better is by drawing closer to God. Now, this looks impossible because someone who is addicted tends to drift from families, friends and other categories of people. Hence, drifting from God would not be an exception.

Addiction is a sin which draws people away from God because the individual places more attention on their addiction rather than their fellowship with God. More so, they remain this way for a very long time because they do not open up to people in the church who can help out.

One of the reasons why we belong to the body of Christ is to be of great help to one another in times of distress. Although it looks impossible for an addict to open up, if they reach out to someone in the church for help, they are certain of getting the best support possible.

The body of Christ encourages you to draw closer to God because he grants the grace to surmount life’s challenges. It is important to note that addiction cannot be go off instantly. It requires prayer and treatment as well.

Drawing closer to God gives you the courage to go in for treatment. Not everyone is comfortable doing this, but when you commit your ways into his hands, you will be encouraged to seek treatment.

In addition, if everyone seems to have abandoned you, the only person who cannot leave you is God. He provides sufficient support and sends beneficial people to you.

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