The Role of a Higher Power

A higher power refers to something greater than humans and can be seen as a connection and relation between human nature and living things. A higher power is believed to be a force to be reckoned with and the one that supersedes all influence. A belief or faith in a higher power can spur ones recovery from addiction and intense bondage of feeling disconnected. Spirituality which involves a confidence and conviction of the potency of a higher power can help in providing solution to addiction.

In the process of recovery, an addict should tend to have an intense purpose that provides a form of motivation to achieve moderation and modesty. Hence, believing in a higher power can help find such purpose and enables the addict have faith that they can find the peace and rest of mind they seek through the efficacy of the higher power. Since inspiration is required in maintaining a clear mind, a knowledge that a power or force exist that motivation can be drawn from enables the addict to be driven to quit the abuse of substance which causes addiction. Therefore a higher power plays the role of ensuring people are connected to something of significance.

Although, establishing a connection with a higher power can be an arduous task for a number of people for recovery purpose. Surrendering to a higher power seems to be challenging especially after dwelling on will and choice of the mind for a long period of time, but coming to a consciousness about the potency of the power, it becomes a pivotal constituent for recovery. Also when the reality that the cause of an addict’s craving or addiction was due to the fact that they had control of their will power, they tend to release their self to the influence of the higher power. When there is a failure to create a relationship with a higher power, it hampers the recovery process.

After being relieved from the burden of control of will, the addict is able to divert their strength in other spheres of affairs which is very important in the process of recovery which involves engaging in other activities that take their minds away from the things that make them addicts. Hence, having a sense of connection to a thing greater than oneself can provide a way from being free from the ruins of addiction.

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