The definition of spirituality is usually difficult to define, as it has a distinct meaning, and form of experience for everybody. However, it is conventionally defined as the connection to a higher form of power or source which is possibly greater than all individuals. Some school of thoughts also have the definition of spirituality as Spirit, Universe, God and Oneness.

When it comes to the identifying with things that are spiritual, it is specific for each person, and it also validates the beliefs which are centered around spirituality. Hence, it would seem different for everyone.

As for addiction, it is basically defined as a brain disorder which is featured by engaging in a compulsive behaviour in a bid to satisfy oneself, irrespective of the consequences which could be disadvantageous in most cases.

Addiction and spirituality are two concepts which are interwoven. In an active addiction process, there is definitely the absence of the link to a spirit, which could take any form depending on the individual. During recovery, the spiritual practice is very important and it is usually the basis for remaining sober.

Addiction can be said to be a disease which is linked to isolation, and it makes the individual think that he or she is not having the connection which they used to have before they got addicted. During this phase, it seems as if there is no sense of understanding of spirituality and the higher power in general.

Then, we come to believe that there is nothing for use to be thankful for, and hence, we are seemingly shut-off from the present state of reality. Some people are of the opinion that for someone to be successful in breaking free from addiction, there is a need for toeing a certain spiritual path in recovery, and also having a family of support for the necessary support.

Why this is important is, the spirit of addiction in every individual wants the person to be left in the dark. However, the spiritual path wants the exact opposite, and alongside with the community of support, the light of recovery serves as the liberation channel.

Spirituality has a strong effect on our hearts and mind, and connecting to a higher power helps us to trounce shame and stop addictive thoughts.


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