Addiction is a difficult problem which controls the minds of people, and makes them feel as though they have been disjoined from people and the environment.

There are spiritual remedies to addiction recover, and based on the fact that they feel disconnected from the efficacy of a higher power, they would rather not depend on any spiritual recovery process.

When it comes to the concept of a higher power, it is regarded as an unseen influence which controls the universe, and has a power that all humanity bow to forcibly or not.

Being in submission to a higher power implies that, the person is on the right track. From time to time, the individual would have to submit himself or herself to a form of evaluation.

Addiction has a way of disrupting the fellowship which an individual has a higher power. It also takes the free will of an individual. Any individual who wants to break free from the bondage of addiction would need to believe in the presence of a higher power.

An individual who is an ardent observer of nature and its constituent features, would come to realize the importance of a higher power. It would also help to build the faith of the individual, and this would definitely help in recovery.

This informs the addict that, there is a consciousness that he or she belongs to a calling which is mightier than themselves. When there is faith and confidence, it triumphs over the depression which exists in the minds of addicts, and they can find solace in the higher power.

Sometimes, there are occurrences which show to a believer that, there is a supernatural force at work. The addict would only realize this, but it would be difficult to comprehend because it is way beyond what he or she can fathom.

Hence, this is why it is essential for an addict to accept the fact that there is a higher power, and this in turn has a great influence on the recovery process.  

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