Spirituality as Treatment for Addictions and Disorders

spirituality addiction mental disorderSpirituality may seem like an unlikely treatment option for addictions and mental disorders, but it actually is one of the most useful components in fighting addictions and mental disorders. Feeling a strong sense of having something to live for is very important to recovering from an addiction or a disorder, and spirituality is all about having a strong sense of something to live for. Every form of spirituality dictates that each individual is special, meaningful and purposeful in their own way. Spirituality helps people defeat addictions and disorders by giving them a sense of:

  • Purpose. Like the book implies, a purpose driven life is a healthy life. Having a sense of purpose is necessary to good mental health because people possess talents and intelligence that they crave to put to use. Seeking a valid life purpose is part of our psychological make up. Many people who struggle with addiction or mental disorder have felt the negative effects of their condition on their purpose and goals, but by prioritizing purpose, they are taking steps to fight their mental illness.
  • Hope. The belief that things will get better is very important to a person struggling with an addiction or mental disorder. It is the nature of these conditions to make the individual feel like their harmful condition is permanent, when in fact, recovery from them is completely possible. It is important that you nurture and foster hope in your life if you struggle with an addiction or a disorder.
  • Optimism. Staying optimistic about one’s recovery is very important to its success. Simply remaining aware that attitude is a choice and attitude will largely dictate the outcome of your recovery makes an enormous difference. People largely do what they believe they can do, which is why a positive sense of self is essential.
  • Balance. A strong principle of spirituality is that life was intended to be balanced. As an addict or a person with a mental disorder, it is very important to stay aware that life is intended to be balanced, and the ongoing pursuit of a balanced life is a key to good physical and mental health.

Always be aware that professional help is available to you and it is commendable to reach out for help. Professionals at a good quality Christian alcohol treatment center, Christian drug rehab or Christian counseling center are eager to help you conquer your addictions and mental disorders.

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