Is Addiction a Spiritual Problem?

Addiction can be regarded as a symptom of spiritual malady. When an individual loses connection from the environment and relationship with people around, there would be a sense of isolation and separation experienced by the individual. Spirituality which is a belief in a power that controls the world and supersedes human nature. In spirituality, one finds a connection with nature, a sense of belonging among the living and a purpose for which exists.

Hence, a lack of concordance with the principles of spirituality leads to feelings of emptiness and seclusion. An after effect involves an intense feeling of unhappiness, low self-esteem and this in turn causes a sequence of addictive behaviors. Addiction is a strong result of a deep suffering from disconnection from everything and everyone that relates to a person. As the individual sinks deeper into this disease of addiction, there is a negative tendency to become separated more from nature.

The spiritual malady of addiction tends to become complex and worsened after a long period of time if proper care is not taken. When one cannot find solution to the section of the mind which stores negative ideas and distress as a result for longing to be connected spiritually, there is need for urgent intervention. The addict continually seeks peace and satisfaction with intent of staying in connection but eventually finds pain and dissatisfaction.

Addiction constitutes a static effect on spirituality. When one is in an addictive situation, there is an urge to maintain the false moment of connection, not feeling the emptiness usually being felt. Therefore, addiction causes a stagnation in spirituality and makes one become in profound bondage with the abuse of substances. A separation from healthy spirituality and a higher power is increased by certain engagements considered immoral.

Addiction is a disease that can drive a person into unjust act. It is a form of deception, it allows addicts feel a deep need of completeness is solved and that they have found peace and accomplishment. It also makes them mistake their feelings for an intensity of intimacy and a delight for fulfilment.

No amount of substance or effect that can replace the satisfaction we get from feeling in touch with something that is higher than human’s personality. There is a sense of rest, assuredness and certainty that one is secured and indispensable when connected in spirituality but an absence of such connection leads to unimaginable acts of addiction.

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