Addictions and Disorders

disorder and addictionThere is little that is more destructive to the life of the spirit than an addiction or a mental disorder. The embodiment of mental unhealthiness, addictions and disorders are serious conditions that keep a person from thinking in a healthy way and becoming who they are. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they are always destructive. A person who is suffering from an addiction or a disorder will have to undergo a great deal of spiritual healing before they can be healthy again.

Addiction, from a spiritual standpoint, is a major diversion away from a person’s true self. A person cannot become who they are and have an addiction, because addiction will always take over the person’s identity if it is allowed to survive. An addiction is like a cancer, eating away at all the things a person truly values and replacing them with an obsessive need to serve the addiction. This moves a person further and further away from having a healthy spirit.

Mental disorders are road blocks that keep a person from becoming who they are. Mental disorders are sources of low self-esteem and of underperformance. They have the effect of a toxin that inhibits a person from personal growth and keeps them stagnant and trapped by the disorder. People with mental disorders desperately want to end them, but there is no quick fix to a mental disorder. Only with time, perseverance, courage, spirituality and surrender will a person conquer their mental disorder.

Spiritual healing is necessary in order to grow out of addiction and mental disorder. Letting your spirit recover as well as your physical health and mental health is very important to the healing process. It takes time, and there is no one method of achieving spiritual growth, but there are basic principles of spiritual growth. Namely, your life should reflect what you believe in your heart about why we are here. Your beliefs should carry a sense of optimisim, as optimism is what moves all things forward. This optimism may come in many forms, so long as it allows you the strength you need to live a full life of purpose.